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FEEL GOOD PAPERFeel Good Paper Package

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What is it about Feel Good that makes you – well – feel good? It’s simple. We care about the environment and your wallet. We recognise that we all have a role to play, which is why our 2 ply toilet rolls are 100% recycled, soft and affordable.
So, now you can clean your bottom in comfort and help the planet while you’re at it. What’s not to love about that?


We’re 100% recycled; so you can do your bit for the planet

Let’s get this straight; Feel Good eco toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper. But not just any old paper (and definitely not recycled toilet paper). It’s the best quality that we can source, including magazines and recycled office paper.
Once collected, the paper is sorted and delivered to our mill, where any plastic or metal is removed, and the paper is thoroughly washed (our water is recycled too).
The excess water is drained, and the paper is dried before being wound into a really long paper roll. Finally, it’s chopped up into individual rolls before being wrapped in paper and sent to the shops.

Roll up, Roll up

Our bright white, soft, eco-friendly toilet paper is available now in a 9-pack, so you can stock up and keep your bottom happy, while helping the earth.

Better still, Feel Good is sold in a paper wrap – so it’s easy for you to recycle at home.

Why not do your bit for the planet and check out what else you can recycle, HERE.

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FEEL GOOD PAPERFeel Good Paper Package

Every day’s a school day! Here are some FAQs

Our paper wrap is made from renewable resources and can be disposed of alongside the rest of your household recycling.

With the facilities in the UK, we feel it’s more practical for people to recycle a paper wrap. We have to use some packaging to ensure our rolls get to you safe and undamaged – also, as it's for your bottom, we want to make sure it's hygienic when you use it. And we might be biased, but it does look quite groovy on the shelf...

We have our own unique technique that means our recycled toilet paper is the whitest and brightest in the UK, and as soft as can be.

All our toilet roll is made at our paper mill in Bridgend, South Wales, with raw materials sourced from the UK and Europe, reducing our carbon footprint.

To produce high quality toilet roll, we recycle high quality grades of paper, so we use a lot of different types of ‘waste’ paper; from old office documents to newspapers, magazines, and even shopping catalogues.

Feel Good is made by taking papers that are no longer in use – including recycled newspapers, magazines, and office paper – and turning them into soft, bright white toilet roll.

Using recycled fibres results in a far lower ecological footprint than using wood pulp (fresh fibre), using less water, conserving valuable resources, and reducing environmental pollution.

So, when you buy Feel Good, you can feel good, knowing that you’re doing your bit for the planet.

Feel Good is currently available at select Waitrose stores and online at Ocado! Get in touch with us to check if it's available at your local store.

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