Why do we use recycled paper?

February 2023

If you didn’t know by now – we use 100% recycled paper to make our soft and strong toilet rolls here at Feel Good. We also use recycled paper for our packaging.

We use only the best quality recycled paper, including waste office paper, to give us the whitest rolls.

But why do we use recycled paper, and why is it better for the environment?

Decreases the amount of material going to landfill

Sending waste paper to landfill releases methane gas, which is 23 times higher and more harmful to the environment than CO2! Using the waste paper instead for something useful, helps reduce this methane!

Less carbon emissions

Not only do we use materials sourced in the UK and Europe, which means we’re cutting down on carbon emissions by not shipping supplies from the other side of the world. The production of recycled paper (as opposed to new paper) uses a lot less energy to produce.

Uses less water

Manufacturing recycled paper also uses WAAAY less water – about 35,000 litres to be exact. We also use recycled water so an added bonus!

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Want to see a little bit about how Feel Good is made? Have a look at our animation.

Feel Good approved: ways to reduce your plastic use in 2023

February 2023

We pride ourselves on being eco-friendly, plastic free and easily recyclable. However, we know being eco-friendly and cutting down plastic for the rest of your life isn’t as easy as just picking up a pack of Feel Good.

If you’re looking for some other easy ways to cut down on ‘greening up your life’ – look no further.

Here are some simple switches to cut down a little bit more on your plastic use…

Switch to bar soap instead of those that come in hard-to-recycle plastic bottles

Next time you’re adding shop to your trolley in your weekly shop, maybe consider your options. Bars of soap have a much lower environmental impact, due to packing being more minimal and paper-based.

This is compared to liquid soap which is packaged in plastic disposable bottles.

Use matches instead of plastic throw-away lighters

If you’re a candle lover, you might have a few plastic lighters hanging around your house. But how about switching to matches instead? It may be a small step to cut down on plastic, but every little helps. And, doesn’t it feel much classier?

Switch to cans or glass instead of plastic drinks bottles

Instead of buying a plastic bottle of water from the supermarket every time you’re thirsty, why not invest in a reusable bottle?

Over 12.7 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in the ocean each year. Scientists predict that by 2050 they will contain more plastic by weight than fish. By switching to a reusable bottle, the average Brit can save around 150 single-use plastic bottles from use every year.

Switch to pencils instead of plastic pens

Another small but might tip you might not have thought of. Instead of buying cheap plastic pens that you’ll inevitably lose, or break and spill ink everywhere, go for a pencil instead! That way you can erase all your mistakes, including any relating to plastic use…

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A little bit of Feel Good news

January 2023

Need a reason to feel good?

Did you know that more people are now employed in clean energy than in the fossil fuel industry?

According to a report from the International Energy Agency clean energy jobs now account for more than half of jobs in the energy sector.

When you’re making efforts to live a more sustainable life it can feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle. If you look hard enough there are signs everywhere that the world is slowly changing.

Want some more good news about the environment? We’ve found a few Feel Good stories…

• The earth’s ozone layer is on course to be healed. Slowly but surely, the ozone layer hole over Antarctica is healing! The current pace means that it should fully mend in about 43 years.
• EU is looking to introduce ‘buzz lines’ across Europe to help reverse the decline of bees and other pollinators. A network of ecological corridors – strips of vegetation – that connect habitats and help protect wildlife species as they travel in search of food or shelter.
• Dorset farm gains PETA farming award after converting to being ‘vegan’. The farm has found continued success after switching from a beef farm to dairy and now is animal-free, farming mainly beans and cereal!

Now available in Tesco!

January 2023

We’ve got some great news to kick off 2023 as Feel Good is now available in Tesco!

Less than two years after we launched in Waitrose, you can now pick up a pack of Feel Good in three supermarket chains – Tesco, Waitrose and Booths, as well as online retailer Ocado. We’re so proud of the leaps we’ve made and it just goes to show that supermarkets are really increasing the ease of which shoppers can pick up sustainable swaps in their weekly hauls.

Made from 100% recycled materials, including magazines and office waste, Feel Good launched in April 2021 as a more sustainable alternative to virgin fibre products. The brand has been well received by UK retailers, with the product’s availability in selected Tesco stores nationwide and online as the latest example.

Coming in recyclable paper packaging, all source material comes from the UK and Europe and comprises of fibres at the end of their life cycle.

Thinking of giving us a try but want to know more? Head over to our FAQs to find out what we’re all about.

We’ll also have more news on where you can buy Feel Good very soon, so look out for updates and get chatting to us on our social channels: Instagram and Facebook.

Feel Good with an eco New Year’s Resolution

December 2022

Wow, aren’t you prepared! Researching News Year’s resolutions already! Well, look no further, we’ve quizzed Feel Good HQ, we’ve done the research and here are some eco-friendly resolutions to set your mind towards in 2023.

Fun Fact: Did you know news year’s resolutions date back a whopping 4,000 years! It’s a practice that has been found throughout cultures and across the world since then.

We’re not sure the ancient Romans were thinking about their reusable shopping bags though…

Wow, aren’t you prepared! Researching News Year’s resolutions already! Well, look no further, we’ve quizzed Feel Good HQ, we’ve done the research and here are some eco-friendly resolutions to set your mind towards in 2023.

Fun Fact: Did you know news year’s resolutions date back a whopping 4,000 years? It’s a practice that has been found throughout cultures and across the world since then.

We’re not sure the ancient Romans were thinking about their reusable shopping bags though…

  • Invest in a reusable bag
  • Switch to a reusable water bottle
  • Turn electrical appliances off at the wall when they’re not being used
  • Practice meatless Monday
  • Switch to recycled/reusable products (Swapping your loo roll to Feel Good is an easy one!)
  • Learn more about nature and your local wildlife
  • Start your own allotment
  • Plant a tree (if you have the space!)

Have you got any ideas of your own?

Why not decorate your tree with toilet rolls this Christmas?

December 2022

Decorating your Christmas tree with toilet rolls? It’s not as crazy as it might sound. 

You know we love a toilet roll-related craft, even more so when it’s festive! So why not make some Christmas decorations out of toilet roll!

Tis the season…

Christmas is a time of overconsumption, which also means even more waste is produced. Some estimates suggest that 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging will be thrown away and not recycled in the UK this Christmas. So, we all need to be mindful of the little ways we can cut down on waste this festive season.

While many of us will reuse our Christmas decorations time and time again, why not take it a step further and create your own decorations from household waste and a lick of paint? 

And, because we’re so great, we’ve got three different toilet roll decorations to try out, so read ahead and decide which one you want to make… 

And remember to supervise children when crafting – especially when you’re using a glue gun or scissors!

Snowman decoration 

This is the easiest of our toilet paper decorations, all you need is: 

  • Toilet roll core 
  • White paint 
  • Ribbon/thread 
  • Glue (either PVA or a glue gun)
  • Scissors 
  • Biodegradable white/silver glitter (optional) 
How to make:
  1. Cut your toilet roll core into three equal sections. 
  2. Paint each of your sections white paint. 

Optional step: If you want a little extra glitz, you can also cover the sections in biodegradable glitter! Choose wisely though; most glitter contains microplastics that takes years to degrade. 

  1. Glue the pieces together – stacking them on top of each other to look like a classic snowman.
  2. Wrap a piece of ribbon around where the top two pieces are glued together for a scarf. 

Optional step: If you want to give your snowman a face, use a piece of white scrap paper or tissue paper. Cut a circle slightly larger than your top circle and draw your face on. Then glue inside the circle. 

  1. Use a piece of ribbon to create a hanger. We glued the ribbon to the top of our snowman ornament but you could also pull the string through the opening of the top of the snowman ornament and tie it off. 

Bingo! You’ve got a happy snowman for your tree.

A Christmas tree for your Christmas tree! 

A miniature tree for your Christmas tree, what could be cuter! 

What you’ll need…
  • Two toilet paper cores
  • Paint of your choice (a traditional green and brown? A rainbow tree? It’s up to you.)
  • Glue (either PVA or a glue gun)
  • Ribbon/thread 
  • Optional: pom poms or other decoration for your tree
How to make:
  1. Cut your two toilet roll cores in half longways. 
  2. Leave one piece as it is. Holding the pieces horizontal, cut a little bit off each piece, cutting a little more as you progress through the pieces, so when you arrange them they form a lovely triangular tree shape. Keep one of the scrap pieces to use as the tree stump. 

3. Paint the tree in your selected colours. We’ve gone for a traditional green for the tree and brown for the stump. 

4. Once dried, lay all the pieces out to form a tree and glue them together. 

5. Decorate your tree! Either with paint, you can also glue pom-poms on and biodegradable glitter. 

6. Glue a loop of ribbon to the top piece and there you go, now you can decorate your tree… with your tree! 

Castle ornament 

This ornament is *slightly* more difficult than the previous ones, but it’s still a doddle and can be done with the kids. To make a princess castle ornament, what you’ll need is: 

  • A toilet roll core (of course) 
  • Scrap cardboard (an old tissue or cereal box will do) 
  • Scrap paper OR paint for decoration.
  • Glue (either PVA or a glue gun) 
  • Scissors 
How to make:
  1. Cover your toilet roll core with decorative paper or paint it in a colour of your choice.

2. Cut out a small ‘archway’ about an inch high in your tube.

3. Now for your base: Cut a cardboard circle with a diameter of 6.5cm. 

4. For the roof, cut out another cardboard circle with a diameter of 12cm.

5. Decorate both your roof and base however you like. You can use paint or scrap paper, however, covering the roof in scrap paper might make it a little harder to bend into your roof in the next step…

6. Lie a loop of ribbon or string the centre of the straight side of the semi-circle and glue it into place. 

7. Take your half-circle and glue the ends together (as shown in the image) to create a cone. If you have a paper clip or binder clips, use these to hold while drying.

8. Once everything is dry, glue your tube to the base by running a bead of glue around the top edge of the tube. Set roof down, press firmly and allow to dry.

9. Do the same with the base – run the glue around the bottom edge of the tube. Press onto your base.

10. Add any additional decorations – you could write the name of your closest princess on the castle and it’s ready to hang on the tree! 

Make sure to share your toilet roll creations with us on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re looking for more toilet roll related crafts, or a homemade gift for that stationery lover in your life, head over to our just for fun page and find out how to make a toilet roll pen holder

#WorldToiletDay 2023

November 2022

November 19th is recognised #WorldToiletDay Yes, a whole day dedicated to the toilet!

In the UK, we take the humble toilet for granted – we’re sure we can find a toilet in any public space we go to and we can usually be confident we won’t be… caught short. But, did you know there are approximately 3.6 billion who people don’t have access to a safe toilet? Toilets are key to preventing disease in our communities.

The UN is dedicated to providing a toilet for all by 2030.

Access to sanitation is recognised by the UN as a human right. Everyone should be entitled to have affordable access to sanitation, throughout the world.

To find out how you can help, take a look here: https://www.worldtoiletday.info/

Did you know…

November 2022

The average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year? That’s over 20,000 sheets!

In the UK alone, an estimated 7 million trees are cut down every year just to make toilet paper that is flushed away. We have to stop flushing our trees. The best solution? Recycled paper!

Using recycled paper means we use fewer trees…

Recycled products like Feel Good rely on materials that have been left over from the production process or recycled after use.

…it also means we use less water!

With ‘normal’ toilet roll, the wood is cooked and transformed into pulp, before being washed, bleached, and then washed again. That’s a lot of water!

Recycled loo roll uses about half as much.

And we send less to landfill!

The average family chucks out around six trees worth each year – we’re as shocked as you!

By choosing recycled toilet paper, you’re not just helping trees; you’re saving wastepaper from ‘wasting away’ in landfill.

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repurposed toilet roll for creative and eco-friendlyhalloween crafts

Easy eco-friendly Halloween crafts

October 2022

Not sure what to do with your leftover toilet rolls? With Spooky Season around the corner, you can magically transform these little bits of cardboard into some creative Halloween decorations. 

Here at Feel Good, we care about the environment and creating sustainable solutions by repurposing this bathroom item, to decorate your home in a fun, easy and eco-friendly way, with minimal extra materials. 

Take a look at these 5 creative craft ideas!


Hang these little critter’s from your ceiling to make your space feel like a bat cave.

Step 1: Start by painting the outside of your roll with black paint. 

Step 2: Cut out two eyes and spiky teeth with white card (a more eco-friendly solution to plastic googly-eyes).

Step 3: Next, cut out some bat wings with any card you have – old cereal or tissue boxes work well here – and paint black.

Step 4: Stick the wings onto the back of the roll with glue or tape. 

Spider Sweet Holder 

Sprinkle these little spiders around and fill them up with spooky sweets. 

Step 1: Paint the inside and outside of your roll with black paint. 

Step 2: Using scissors, cut out rectangles facing each other on the roll, approximately ¾ of the way up – these will be the front and back of the spider. 

Step 3: Cut three slits on each side, also ¾ up the roll – these will be the legs. Where the legs start, bend them outward and fold downward toward the end of the leg. 

Step 4: Draw on a couple of googly-eyes and a mouth with spiky teeth with white sharpie or paint. 

Step 5: Cut a black circle made of card, the same circumference of the roll and stick to the leg side of the spider. 

Step 6: Finally, fill up the top of the spider with whatever sweets you like! 

Goofy Ghouls 

Halloween doesn’t have to be too scary. Add a little silliness with these goofy ghouls. 

Step 1: To start, paint your rolls white on both sides. 

Step 2: With black paint or sharpie, add on two eyes and a mouth – these can be a little wonky.

eco-friendly toilet roll halloween ghost craft

Step 3: Finish off your ghosts with two arms by cutting out the arms with white card, and stick them onto the sides. 


Got a little extra toilet paper? Make this super simple mummy with only two steps!

Step 1: Wrap several pieces of scrap toilet paper around the roll and stick together with small drops of glue.

Step 2: Simply draw two eyes onto your roll and voila!


Feeling extra creative? Why not try out this challenging spook-tacular castle. 

Be as creative as you like with the size and formation of your castle. 

Step 1: Paint your rolls black or grey and leave to dry. 

Step 2: Draw on your designs in black, white, or grey sharpie – draw cobbles, windows, front door and some vines.

Step 3: Carefully cut out your windows with scissors or a craft knife. 

Step 4: Create a grassy base with green card and shape like a lawn. Draw on some bunches of grass for extra detail. 

Step 5: Position a few of your rolls for the first level and glue together. Now attach these to the green base. 

Step 6: Cut out a shaped piece of card for the second floor and paint it the same colour as your castle. Glue this onto the top of your lower level. 

Step 7: Now position your second level tubes and glue them together, as well as onto the second floor base. 

Step 8: Stick two tubes together to create a tall turret and add a cone on top by cutting a pattern for a cone and shaping it with coloured card. 

Step 9: Cut some small squares out around the top of the tubes to give a castle wall effect.

Step 10: To enhance your castle, place electric tea lights into the windows and watch them glimmer in the dark.

Step 11: Take your castle to the next level, with mini pumpkins, cauldrons, and a witch.

If you liked these boo-tiful crafts, then head over to our Instagram for even more ideas on repurposing your rolls.

Or if you want even more tips on how to have a green Halloween, check out last years blog!

Get your bathroom ready for spooky season

October 2022

Halloween is just around the corner and when it comes to decorating the house the bathroom is often left out.

But if you’re having a Halloween party or simply want to help the family get in the spooky season mood, why not give your bathroom the same frightening finishes as the rest of the house?

We’ve scoured the internet – and your favourite shops to find some Halloween-themed products for the bathroom, read on below.

Check out our favourite Halloween-themed bathroom products:

Pumpkin Toilet Roll Cover

Turn your humble roll of toilet roll (Feel Good of course) into a seasonally appropriate pumpkin with this toilet roll cover. So adorable you might want to keep it all year round…


There are plenty of terrifying (and not so terrifying) towels on the market that can easily add a little more spook to your bathroom. Whether you want to carry on the pumpkin theme or go for a black cat or a bat instead!

Bath bOOOmbs

A Halloween-themed bath bomb might be more for you to enjoy than your guests, but you could also display them on a bathroom shelf and really show off that you’ve gone all in this Halloween.

Got any more ideas for spooking up the bathroom? Let us know! Either drop us an email or message us on Facebook!