repurposed toilet roll for creative and eco-friendlyhalloween crafts

Easy eco-friendly Halloween crafts

October 2022

Not sure what to do with your leftover toilet rolls? With Spooky Season around the corner, you can magically transform these little bits of cardboard into some creative Halloween decorations. 

Here at Feel Good, we care about the environment and creating sustainable solutions by repurposing this bathroom item, to decorate your home in a fun, easy and eco-friendly way, with minimal extra materials. 

Take a look at these 5 creative craft ideas!


Hang these little critter’s from your ceiling to make your space feel like a bat cave.

Step 1: Start by painting the outside of your roll with black paint. 

Step 2: Cut out two eyes and spiky teeth with white card (a more eco-friendly solution to plastic googly-eyes).

Step 3: Next, cut out some bat wings with any card you have – old cereal or tissue boxes work well here – and paint black.

Step 4: Stick the wings onto the back of the roll with glue or tape. 

Spider Sweet Holder 

Sprinkle these little spiders around and fill them up with spooky sweets. 

Step 1: Paint the inside and outside of your roll with black paint. 

Step 2: Using scissors, cut out rectangles facing each other on the roll, approximately ¾ of the way up – these will be the front and back of the spider. 

Step 3: Cut three slits on each side, also ¾ up the roll – these will be the legs. Where the legs start, bend them outward and fold downward toward the end of the leg. 

Step 4: Draw on a couple of googly-eyes and a mouth with spiky teeth with white sharpie or paint. 

Step 5: Cut a black circle made of card, the same circumference of the roll and stick to the leg side of the spider. 

Step 6: Finally, fill up the top of the spider with whatever sweets you like! 

Goofy Ghouls 

Halloween doesn’t have to be too scary. Add a little silliness with these goofy ghouls. 

Step 1: To start, paint your rolls white on both sides. 

Step 2: With black paint or sharpie, add on two eyes and a mouth – these can be a little wonky.

eco-friendly toilet roll halloween ghost craft

Step 3: Finish off your ghosts with two arms by cutting out the arms with white card, and stick them onto the sides. 


Got a little extra toilet paper? Make this super simple mummy with only two steps!

Step 1: Wrap several pieces of scrap toilet paper around the roll and stick together with small drops of glue.

Step 2: Simply draw two eyes onto your roll and voila!


Feeling extra creative? Why not try out this challenging spook-tacular castle. 

Be as creative as you like with the size and formation of your castle. 

Step 1: Paint your rolls black or grey and leave to dry. 

Step 2: Draw on your designs in black, white, or grey sharpie – draw cobbles, windows, front door and some vines.

Step 3: Carefully cut out your windows with scissors or a craft knife. 

Step 4: Create a grassy base with green card and shape like a lawn. Draw on some bunches of grass for extra detail. 

Step 5: Position a few of your rolls for the first level and glue together. Now attach these to the green base. 

Step 6: Cut out a shaped piece of card for the second floor and paint it the same colour as your castle. Glue this onto the top of your lower level. 

Step 7: Now position your second level tubes and glue them together, as well as onto the second floor base. 

Step 8: Stick two tubes together to create a tall turret and add a cone on top by cutting a pattern for a cone and shaping it with coloured card. 

Step 9: Cut some small squares out around the top of the tubes to give a castle wall effect.

Step 10: To enhance your castle, place electric tea lights into the windows and watch them glimmer in the dark.

Step 11: Take your castle to the next level, with mini pumpkins, cauldrons, and a witch.

If you liked these boo-tiful crafts, then head over to our Instagram for even more ideas on repurposing your rolls.

Or if you want even more tips on how to have a green Halloween, check out last years blog!

Eco tip: Save your soap

Swap your soap

September 2022

Next time you’re shopping for soap, instead of buying liquid soap, swap to buying a bar of soap.

Soap bars have a lower environmental impact, due to packing being more minimal and paper-based. This is compared to liquid soap which is packaged in plastic disposable bottles.

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Make Your University Halls Feel Good

September 2022

Whether you’re moving to your first halls at university or helping someone prepare for the first big step out of the nest. Packing for university can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re making the effort to be eco-conscious, in between freshers’ fairs and pot noodles. 

We’ve asked around Feel Good HQ, and here are some things the team wish they had taken to their first uni accommodation and found some options that’ll help you feel good about your first halls.

A bath mat

It might not seem essential, but whether you have a communal bathroom or you share one, a bath mat is essential. They help keep the bathroom just a little cleaner, and they can look pretty cute! Urban Outfitters is the ultimate option for a funky bathmat. 


You’ll probably want to air out and freshen up your room as you move in. You might be tempted to get some plug-in air fresheners, but make sure you go for candles instead. Plugin refreshers not only use unnecessary electricity, but are often made with toxic materials that make them hard to recycle. 

Flip flops

Okay, hear us out. We know the UK isn’t necessarily a year-round, flip-flop-wearing country but… If you’ve got communal showers, flip-flops are a must. You never know what germs are lurking on those communal shower floors…

A pack of toilet rolls!

(helps if it’s Feel Good) 

In all the fuss and rush, sometimes the essentials get forgotten. But make sure you’ve packed some toilet rolls, so you don’t have to run to the shop as soon as you’ve moved in! You can also guarantee someone else will have forgotten so you can be there to lend a helping hand by sharing a roll. But, if everyone in your halls remembered this essential, you can rest assured that you’re stocked up for a while! 

If you’re looking for an even more extensive list of everything you need to take to uni, head over to the UCAS website and if you want more tips on living an eco-friendly life, have a look at our bumf page.

What does your toilet roll say about you?

August 2022

Do you think your toilet roll gives a deeper insight into your personality? No? Well, it can! Sort of like a toilet based zodiac sign. According to relation expert Dr Gilda Carle you can glean a lot from a person just from how they hang their toilet roll …

If you roll OVER: you like taking charge, crave organisation and are likely to overachieve

If you roll UNDER: you’re laid-back, dependable and seek relationships with strong foundations

If you don’t care: you aim to minimise conflict, value flexibility and like putting yourself in new situations!

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Summer gift-giving hack that is better for the environment

July 2022

Summer has rolled around quickly. Schools will soon be breaking up for the summer holidays and saying goodbye to teachers and friends.

If you’ve got your end-of-term presents ready but want to gift something personal and get the kids involved – look no further! These gift boxes are easy to make with little ones and will stand out from the crowd as they’re zero waste and are made with a toilet roll core (what else!)

Read on for how we made these:

What you will need:
  • Feel Good toilet paper core
  • Scrap paper (if you have any wrapping paper lying around, that would be perfect)
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or string
What to do:

Step 1: Cut the scrap paper long enough to go round the toilet roll three times. Apply a strip of glue on the inside end of the paper. Wrap the paper around the toilet paper core and press the glue strip down so it sticks.

Step 2: Gently press the extra scrap paper inside each end of the loo roll until the paper is nicely tucked in and glued to the cardboard.

Step 3: Gently press the middle of each end of the roll so they fold in towards the centre. They will slightly overlap in the middle. Make the crease nice and sharp so it’s secure.

Step 4: Pop you  gift inside and secure the other end. Cut some ribbon/string to go around the tube, wraparound and tie with a bow.

Step 5: ADMIRE!

You can fill your toilet roll gift box with sweets, jewellery, gift vouchers – any small gift you can think of. Why not share your gift box creation with us on Instagram or Facebook.

Check out more craft ideas on our website too, like this pencil pot.

4 tips make your festival experience even GREENER

June 2022

Festival season is well underway, with Glastonbury kicking off next week.

Glastonbury has always been a pioneer of sustainability, this year is no different. Climate activist Greta Thunberg will be taking to the main stage to make an impassioned speech about the climate crisis. Everyone who has bought a ticket to the festival has also been asked to sign their ‘Love the Farm, Leave no Trace’ pledge, encouraging festival goers to limit their impact on the site.

Here are a few of our tips to help you have a more sustainable festival…


Glitter is a festival staple, but most traditional glitters contain micro-plastics. These plastics will linger around the festival site long after you’ve packed up your tent. Opt for eco glitter instead which is often made from biodegradable plant cellulose and is a lot healthier for the environment! 

Bring a bottle

We all know that hydration at festivals is important, ESPECIALLY when you wake up in a boiling hot tent the morning after maybe one too many beverages…

The convenience of bottled water is tempting, but the majority of festivals have plenty of water taps with safe drinking water around the site. All you need is your reusable bottle and you’re good to go!

Pack a mac

UK festivals and rain go hand-in-hand. Be prepared and keep dry by packing a pack-a-mac or light raincoat. You can avoid forking out a fiver on a bright orange single-use rain poncho. And save your style creds in the process. 

Recycled toilet paper

If you’ve never been to a camping festival before, here’s a tip: take your own toilet roll. In fact, even if you’re going for a day and not camping – take your own toilet roll. Those festival portaloos are bound to run out so be prepared and keep a single roll in your bag for emergencies. Even better if it’s recycled toilet paper… 

For more sustainability tips, make your you check out our other blogs, or head over to our Instagram!


How to make your bathroom more eco-friendly

June 2022

Enjoy #internationalbathday the right way.  

In the debate of baths versus showers over which is better for the planet, baths are often painted as the bad guys.

The truth though is that showers can be just as bad, if not worse for our planet, especially if you love a long, steamy shower.

The most important thing though, besides staying squeaky clean of course, is offsetting the effects of your bath or shower has on the environment by making the rest of your bathroom routine more eco-friendly. There are plenty of ways to do that too, so that you can enjoy a nice hot, relaxing bath this evening to celebrate International Bath Day without the guilt or damage to the world we love and live in. Here are our top five ways to make your bathroom a planet friendly environment.

Re-use greywater

Grey water is clean wastewater, from baths and sinks and even washing machines. This can be used to irrigate the plants you’ve spruced up your home with.   

Reduce plastic & refill

Bathroom products use a lot of plastic! So swapping them out for soaps and shampoos in glass bottles can make a big difference. Many local shops now have refill stations, meaning you can almost entirely eradicate the need for plastic in your bathroom.

Bathe in candlelight

Baths are a luxury, so why not fully immerse yourself in the experience; switch off lights in favour of candles to save energy while you soak and float into a peaceful mindset.

Swap out your shower curtain

Often an overlooked way of creating a more sustainable bathroom, replacing your shower curtain can make a positive difference. Plastic, PVC and vinyl shower curtains are far from eco-friendly materials, so opt for renewable resources like natural cotton or bamboo or a much longer lasting glass screen.

Use eco toilet roll

Here at Feel Good we like to think we’ve revolutionised the toilet roll game with our 100% recycled toilet roll. It’s soft and affordable, making both your bottom and the environment happy. Plus, it’s packaged in a paper wrap made from renewable sources and can be recycled with your paper and card.

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Small Changes to Make in life To Be Greener

May 2022
Grow your own herbs
  • It’s so easy to grow your own herbs and can save money in the long run! Especially with spring on the way, setting up a little garden area or shelf space near a window for sunlight would help you go green. If you love cooking, you will know how necessary herbs are and drinking too.  After all, what’s a mojito without mint?
Try Plogging
  • Wait, what even is plogging? It’s basically the new running craze that is saving the planet. The combination of jogging with picking up litter started in Sweden, and it makes you feel 100% physically and mentally. You get to feel good about doing something green and getting your daily exercise in.
Shop local
  • Local businesses are fundamental to economic growth and reducing our impact on the environment. It is often more expensive and sometimes less convenient but can be a small change in your life just to pop into a local shop for products. The good news is this will have a big impact if it becomes a habit for you and a step toward being greener.
Sell/Donate your clothes
  • Keeping up with clothes trends or kids growing older (and taller) will mean lots of clothes that will be thrown out. But instead why not donate to your local charity shop or to sell them to get some extra cash! Also with the thrifting trend being so popular, there is a profitable niche market.
Eat less meat
  • Don’t worry if you missed Veganuary or might have failed your vegetarian diet for 2022 resolution. We are starting again with a mini target here to eat less meat, such as doing 2 or 3 vege days in the week. Meat is responsible for many greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural industry o my simply reducing your intake of meat can already have a big impact on being greener.
Use Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper
  • A lot of trees are cut down to make toilet paper rolls. In the UK alone, an estimated 7 million trees are cut down every year just to make toilet roll that is flushed away. We must stop flushing our trees. The best solution? Recycled paper! This is what Feel Good promotes with their toilet paper products and how key sustainability is, helping you all to be greener.

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Invest in a bag for life

April 2022

Did you know a plastic bag takes a whopping 400 to 1,000 years to completely break down in the environment!

Swapping to a reusable bag made of jute or cotton is an easy switch to make to reduce plastic waste. Simply keep one in your handbag, car or next to your desk in the office and bingo – you’ve just cut down on plastic use!

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4 Cleaning Tips That Are Easy And Eco Friendly

April 2022

It’s April and although the weather might not have got the memo, Spring is here! This means it’s time for a big spring clean.

A spring clean gives you the chance to reset and refresh your home. We would advise regular tidy up so the job isn’t as daunting, but either way, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for our easy (and of course, eco-friendly) cleaning tips …  

Make yourself an all-purpose cleaner

Starting off with a cleaning tip that is not only eco-friendly but can save lots of pennies. Make your own all-purpose cleaner. 

Using a homemade, all-purpose cleaner and popping it in an old spray bottle means you’ll be cutting down on products with lots of plastic packaging.

Simply mix 150ml water, 60ml white vinegar and 40ml surgical spirit (optional essential oil for fragrance!)

You can use this everywhere: worktops, the hob, cupboards, mirrors and glass for a streak-free, quick-drying clean!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Lemons are an asset to any eco-friendly cleaning routine, with both antibacterial and antiseptic qualities.

Rub a slice of lemon on a cutting board to remove germs. Go a step further and dip lemon halves into salt and use them to scrub your pots back to their signature shine.

Another top tip is to use a lemon half to clean tricky cheese graters! Save your sponges from getting shredded by wiping graters with lemon before washing. It’ll loosen up anything stuck inside.

Clear the closet

We’re all guilty of it. Keeping items of clothing that no longer fit us, suit us or are falling apart because of sentimental value. It’s time to take inspiration from Marie Kondo and get rid of what doesn’t ‘spark joy.’ Whether you sell old items online or donate to your local charity shop, there are still ethical considerations.

While charity shops are always happy to welcome your donations, not every item goes on to have a second life. Research by Oxfam estimates ‘at least’ one million pounds of textiles donated ends up in landfills.

Easy tips to ensure your donated items go on to a loving home include making sure everything you donate is washed, checking the quality and that there are no holes or missing buttons, and checking before you donate. Make sure to call your chosen charity shop before making a trip as they make be overcome with donations and prefer you wait a week or two to take new items in.

Repurpose old toothbrushes

Many of us have transitioned to a more eco-friendly and biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, but whether you’re using bamboo or plastic, you can save your old toothbrushes from the bin and add them to your cleaning kit.

Toothbrushes can come in handy for cleaning any awkward spots in your home. The back of your taps, computer keyboards and the grout between your tiles.

The small size and coarse bristles are perfect for cleaning stubborn grime.

For more eco-tips check out our other blogs and if you have your own eco cleaning tips, share them with us on social media. We’re on Facebook at @FeelGoodEco and Instagram at @FeelGood_eco.