Eco tip: Save your soap

Swap your soap

September 2022

Next time you’re shopping for soap, instead of buying liquid soap, swap to buying a bar of soap.

Soap bars have a lower environmental impact, due to packing being more minimal and paper-based. This is compared to liquid soap which is packaged in plastic disposable bottles.

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What does your toilet roll say about you?

August 2022

Do you think your toilet roll gives a deeper insight into your personality? No? Well, it can! Sort of like a toilet based zodiac sign. According to relation expert Dr Gilda Carle you can glean a lot from a person just from how they hang their toilet roll …

If you roll OVER: you like taking charge, crave organisation and are likely to overachieve

If you roll UNDER: you’re laid-back, dependable and seek relationships with strong foundations

If you don’t care: you aim to minimise conflict, value flexibility and like putting yourself in new situations!

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Summer gift-giving hack that is better for the environment

July 2022

Summer has rolled around quickly. Schools will soon be breaking up for the summer holidays and saying goodbye to teachers and friends.

If you’ve got your end-of-term presents ready but want to gift something personal and get the kids involved – look no further! These gift boxes are easy to make with little ones and will stand out from the crowd as they’re zero waste and are made with a toilet roll core (what else!)

Read on for how we made these:

What you will need:
  • Feel Good toilet paper core
  • Scrap paper (if you have any wrapping paper lying around, that would be perfect)
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or string
What to do:

Step 1: Cut the scrap paper long enough to go round the toilet roll three times. Apply a strip of glue on the inside end of the paper. Wrap the paper around the toilet paper core and press the glue strip down so it sticks.

Step 2: Gently press the extra scrap paper inside each end of the loo roll until the paper is nicely tucked in and glued to the cardboard.

Step 3: Gently press the middle of each end of the roll so they fold in towards the centre. They will slightly overlap in the middle. Make the crease nice and sharp so it’s secure.

Step 4: Pop you  gift inside and secure the other end. Cut some ribbon/string to go around the tube, wraparound and tie with a bow.

Step 5: ADMIRE!

You can fill your toilet roll gift box with sweets, jewellery, gift vouchers – any small gift you can think of. Why not share your gift box creation with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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How to make your bathroom more eco-friendly

June 2022

Enjoy #internationalbathday the right way.  

In the debate of baths versus showers over which is better for the planet, baths are often painted as the bad guys.

The truth though is that showers can be just as bad, if not worse for our planet, especially if you love a long, steamy shower.

The most important thing though, besides staying squeaky clean of course, is offsetting the effects of your bath or shower has on the environment by making the rest of your bathroom routine more eco-friendly. There are plenty of ways to do that too, so that you can enjoy a nice hot, relaxing bath this evening to celebrate International Bath Day without the guilt or damage to the world we love and live in. Here are our top five ways to make your bathroom a planet friendly environment.

Re-use greywater

Grey water is clean wastewater, from baths and sinks and even washing machines. This can be used to irrigate the plants you’ve spruced up your home with.   

Reduce plastic & refill

Bathroom products use a lot of plastic! So swapping them out for soaps and shampoos in glass bottles can make a big difference. Many local shops now have refill stations, meaning you can almost entirely eradicate the need for plastic in your bathroom.

Bathe in candlelight

Baths are a luxury, so why not fully immerse yourself in the experience; switch off lights in favour of candles to save energy while you soak and float into a peaceful mindset.

Swap out your shower curtain

Often an overlooked way of creating a more sustainable bathroom, replacing your shower curtain can make a positive difference. Plastic, PVC and vinyl shower curtains are far from eco-friendly materials, so opt for renewable resources like natural cotton or bamboo or a much longer lasting glass screen.

Use eco toilet roll

Here at Feel Good we like to think we’ve revolutionised the toilet roll game with our 100% recycled toilet roll. It’s soft and affordable, making both your bottom and the environment happy. Plus, it’s packaged in a paper wrap made from renewable sources and can be recycled with your paper and card.

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Invest in a bag for life

April 2022

Did you know a plastic bag takes a whopping 400 to 1,000 years to completely break down in the environment!

Swapping to a reusable bag made of jute or cotton is an easy switch to make to reduce plastic waste. Simply keep one in your handbag, car or next to your desk in the office and bingo – you’ve just cut down on plastic use!

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House plants to make your home (or office) Feel Good

February 2022

House plants can do a lot more than add a bit of greenery, they have so many benefits! The biophilic design trend is about bringing the outdoors in and helping us to reconnect with nature. So, here are some of our favourite house plants and their health benefits.

Spider Plant

This dramatic-looking plant is considered one of the most adaptable of houseplants and the easiest to grow. It names from its spider-like leaves which dangle down from the mother plant like spiders on a web.

The benefit of this plant is its air-purifying quality allowing it to remove formaldehyde from the air. It can grow in any type of soil, only needs occasional watering, and dislikes direct sunlight.

Aloe Vera

These plants are technically succulents, which means they retain water in dry conditions – so they’re pretty hardcore! Aloe Vera plants are stemless or have very short stems with thick, fleshy leaves.

The benefits are that the inner part of the leaf can be applied to the skin to soothe irritation and sunburn. They are a bit more demanding as they prefer bright indirect sunlight and lots of water. But they can survive in artificial lights.

Snake Plant

The tall, leafy plant is known for being very tolerable and for its architectural shape. These are around seven different species of snake plants all native to tropical/sub-tropical regions of Europe. They are all evergreen and can grow anywhere from 8 inches to a whopping 12 feet high!

Snake plants purify the air and are another one that is easy to care for. They only need occasional watering and dislike direct sunlight but overall aren’t too fussy!

We hope you love these plants as much as we do and we’ve inspired you to have a little upgrade. If you’re a new plant parent or you’re already a plant expert, let us know which is your favourite plant!

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Charge your phone before bedtime

January 2022

We’re all guilty of it, sticking your phone on charge overnight so we’ve got that all-important 100% battery life by the time we wake up.

However, leaving any of your devices plugged all night consumes a lot of unnecessary energy.

An easy change you can make is just to charge your phone when you get in from the day, a few hours before bed, then you can turn your sockets off overnight!

An additional tip – putting your phone on aeroplane mode helps it charge even faster!

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One easy zero waste craft to keep the kids organised

September 2021

It’s officially autumn! This means two things: Halloween prep and – of course – the kids are back to school!

With homework to be done, now is the perfect time to get organised. So why not take on this zero waste craft and transform the cardboard core of your Feel Good roll into a pencil pot? It’s a great opportunity to make use of any scrap paper lying around too.

Don’t forget to supervise little ones for this activity – we recommend an adult takes charge of the hot glue gun and scissors.

What you’ll need:
  • Feel Good toilet paper core
  • Scrap paper – wrapping paper, or even wallpaper would be perfect, but use anything you have lying around
  • Scrap cardboard (an old cereal or tissue box will do here)
  • Glue stick and a hot glue gun
  • Scissors
Make the most of rubbish such as scrap paper and toilet roll cores with this zero waste craft.
Read on for a how-to…
Step 1:

Decide the arrangement of your pencil pot. Carefully measure and cut the toilet roll tubes down to several different lengths depending on the arrangement you’re after. You can do as many as you like – the more you do, the bigger your pencil pot will be!

Step 2:

Place the tubes on your selected jazzy paper, measure and cut pieces to cover the outside. Neatly wrap and stick in place with glue. This step is optional but will make your final product look even better – you can also use scrap wallpaper or leftover wrapping paper. This is a zero waste craft, so the more waste you save from the bin, the better!

Step 3:

Glue the tubes together in your selected arrangement. We find a hot glue gun works best for this, but good old PVA would also work well.

Step 4:

Flatten out your cardboard and glue the base of the group of tubes. Wait for the glue to dry then carefully cut around the tubes. Another tip here – use an old cereal box or tissue box!

Step 5:

You have a finished pen pot! Fill with all your favourite stationery and admire your crafting skills!

Step 5: Admire your pen pot! That's another zero waste craft, complete.

You can play around with your pencil pot, customising as much as you like with different papers and arrangements. Why not share your pencil pot creations with us on Facebook or Instagram. You can also keep an eye on this page for more craft ideas, like this adorable bird feeder.

Check out these weird and wonderful celebrity bathrooms

August 2021

Is your bathroom in need of an update? Do you want to redecorate so your pack of Feel Good really pops in its new home?

Well, look no further!

We thought we’d help you out with some bathroom decor inspiration, and where better to look than to the stars?

We’ve collated some of the best-looking celeb bathrooms. So, whether you’re in need of some divine inspiration, or just want a bit of a nosey… check out this list.

Demi Moore’s carpeted bathroom:
Demi Moore

With everyone stuck inside in 2020, we got a few more glimpses into A-list homes. However, some of these through the keyhole moments raised more questions than answers.

Demi Moore for instance gave us a look at her fully carpeted bathroom. You read that right.

Carpeted. Bathroom.

Demi later explained this was a choice made by ex-husband Bruce Willis who wasn’t a fan of cold tiled floors.

Each to their own Bruce. 

We haven’t even got into the fact her bathroom also features a miniature sofa and Joan of Arc statue…

Gigi’s Hadid’s powder room and bathroom:
Gigi Hadid

Another celeb bathroom that raised eyebrows.

Bonafide supermodel Gigi Hadid shared snaps of her ‘powder room’, which is fully decorated with front covers from New Yorker magazine.

The colourful decor had fans lighting up Twitter with questions. Mainly ‘why the New Yorker?’

Gigi did also share a shot of another bathroom that’s a little more ‘traditionally chic.’ Check out that walk-in shower!

Tom Daley’s central London bathroom
Tom Daley

Returning to English shores for a slightly more modest offering.

Olympian Tom Daley’s flat was recently put up for sale, giving fans the chance to have a little snoop around.

The London Bridge flat was on the market for £1.1 million.

And while it’s fancy, the tub isn’t exactly made for diving…

One of Phil Neville’s six bathrooms at his former home
Phil Neville

Sticking with English sports stars, former Manchester United and England mid-fielder Phil Neville’s house also appeared on Rightmove.

The mansion in Hale, Cheshire was put on sale for a whopping £5.25 million!

That might seem like a lot of money, but the property features six bathrooms! Less than a million a bathroom seems fair, right?

Will you be picking up any design tips from these bathrooms? If you do decide to cover your bathroom in carpet, or you have a swanky million pound ‘powder room’ to share with us, make sure to let us know – we’re on Facebook at @FeelGoodEco and Instagram at @FeelGood_eco.

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Save the bees and let the garden grow.

July 2021

Did you know that leaving your garden to grow wild can help pollinating insects, like bees, thrive!

Research shows that the UK has lost 97% of our wildflower-rich grasslands. This has had a huge impact on bumblebee populations. As a result of this, two UK species have become extinct in the past 80 years.

Leaving your garden to grow helps provide space for bumblebees to nest beneath the long grass.

Lots of plant species typically thought of as weeds, such as dandelions and white clover, are excellent for attracting honeybees, providing vital pollen early in the season.

It doesn’t have to be the whole garden, even a small patch left wild helps.

If you’re looking for even more tips on how to create a bee-friendly garden, head over to Happy DIY Home, where you can find tips on what to plant and what else you can provide to look after insect guests.

There are plenty of other tips and tricks to create a ‘bee-friendly garden, such as avoiding pesticides and implementing insect houses to provide nesting sites for solitary bees and insects. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has plenty of great resources on how to be a ‘bee-friendly gardener and information on what else you can do to help save the bees’.

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