repurposed toilet roll for creative and eco-friendlyhalloween crafts

Easy eco-friendly Halloween crafts

October 2022

Not sure what to do with your leftover toilet rolls? With Spooky Season around the corner, you can magically transform these little bits of cardboard into some creative Halloween decorations. 

Here at Feel Good, we care about the environment and creating sustainable solutions by repurposing this bathroom item, to decorate your home in a fun, easy and eco-friendly way, with minimal extra materials. 

Take a look at these 5 creative craft ideas!


Hang these little critter’s from your ceiling to make your space feel like a bat cave.

Step 1: Start by painting the outside of your roll with black paint. 

Step 2: Cut out two eyes and spiky teeth with white card (a more eco-friendly solution to plastic googly-eyes).

Step 3: Next, cut out some bat wings with any card you have – old cereal or tissue boxes work well here – and paint black.

Step 4: Stick the wings onto the back of the roll with glue or tape. 

Spider Sweet Holder 

Sprinkle these little spiders around and fill them up with spooky sweets. 

Step 1: Paint the inside and outside of your roll with black paint. 

Step 2: Using scissors, cut out rectangles facing each other on the roll, approximately ¾ of the way up – these will be the front and back of the spider. 

Step 3: Cut three slits on each side, also ¾ up the roll – these will be the legs. Where the legs start, bend them outward and fold downward toward the end of the leg. 

Step 4: Draw on a couple of googly-eyes and a mouth with spiky teeth with white sharpie or paint. 

Step 5: Cut a black circle made of card, the same circumference of the roll and stick to the leg side of the spider. 

Step 6: Finally, fill up the top of the spider with whatever sweets you like! 

Goofy Ghouls 

Halloween doesn’t have to be too scary. Add a little silliness with these goofy ghouls. 

Step 1: To start, paint your rolls white on both sides. 

Step 2: With black paint or sharpie, add on two eyes and a mouth – these can be a little wonky.

eco-friendly toilet roll halloween ghost craft

Step 3: Finish off your ghosts with two arms by cutting out the arms with white card, and stick them onto the sides. 


Got a little extra toilet paper? Make this super simple mummy with only two steps!

Step 1: Wrap several pieces of scrap toilet paper around the roll and stick together with small drops of glue.

Step 2: Simply draw two eyes onto your roll and voila!


Feeling extra creative? Why not try out this challenging spook-tacular castle. 

Be as creative as you like with the size and formation of your castle. 

Step 1: Paint your rolls black or grey and leave to dry. 

Step 2: Draw on your designs in black, white, or grey sharpie – draw cobbles, windows, front door and some vines.

Step 3: Carefully cut out your windows with scissors or a craft knife. 

Step 4: Create a grassy base with green card and shape like a lawn. Draw on some bunches of grass for extra detail. 

Step 5: Position a few of your rolls for the first level and glue together. Now attach these to the green base. 

Step 6: Cut out a shaped piece of card for the second floor and paint it the same colour as your castle. Glue this onto the top of your lower level. 

Step 7: Now position your second level tubes and glue them together, as well as onto the second floor base. 

Step 8: Stick two tubes together to create a tall turret and add a cone on top by cutting a pattern for a cone and shaping it with coloured card. 

Step 9: Cut some small squares out around the top of the tubes to give a castle wall effect.

Step 10: To enhance your castle, place electric tea lights into the windows and watch them glimmer in the dark.

Step 11: Take your castle to the next level, with mini pumpkins, cauldrons, and a witch.

If you liked these boo-tiful crafts, then head over to our Instagram for even more ideas on repurposing your rolls.

Or if you want even more tips on how to have a green Halloween, check out last years blog!

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