Even more Feel Good news…

April 2023

Ever watch the news and feel like it’s all doom and gloom? Do you ever go to recycle your household items and wonder ‘What is the point!’

Climate anxiety, also known as eco-anxiety, refers to a type of anxiety or stress that arises from concerns and fears related to climate change and its impacts on the environment, society, and future generations.

Climate anxiety is a valid – and understandable – response to the existential threat of climate change. It is a natural human reaction to the overwhelming challenges posed by climate change, and it is experienced by individuals across different cultures, backgrounds, and regions of the world.

Taking steps towards sustainability can help reduce anxiety but, if you’re looking for more reasons to Feel Good, look no further!

Here are a few stories that might help ease the fear:

  • Iceland runs on 100% renewable energy. The country gets 75% of its electricity from hydropower, and 25% from geothermal power.
  • A housing block in Wales has been fitted with a ‘world-first’ solar system that connects all the flats to the same rooftop panels. The residents are set to save 50 per cent off their energy bills thanks to the new technology.   
  • According to the International Energy Agency, 90% of electricity demand between now and 2025 will be covered by clean energy sources like wind and solar, along with nuclear energy.

If you’re still searching for ways to ease the climate anxiety, head over to our blogs page for tips on how to live more sustainably!

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