Our frequently asked questions

Each Feel Good roll is 190 sheets of naturally soft 2 ply paper.

We’re currently looking at working with a charity that shares our passion for helping the planet – keep an eye on our social feeds for news!

Nope! But it does use 100% recycled paper.

We chose paper wrap because it’s kinder for the environment and easier to recycle. Sadly, this means you can’t see the rolls, but don’t worry – they’re still ultra-soft and bright white inside!

It’s simpler to look at how much paper is re-used. For example, one toilet roll with 150 sheets required more than 30 sheets of used office paper – which would otherwise be thrown away!

We chose to use a thicker paper wrap to prevent the product getting damaged on its way to you, but it’s also made from recycled paper and can be recycled at home.

Our products are not tested on animals; however we can’t say this for sure about the recycled materials used during our manufacturing process.

We’d love to say our product is vegan however, as we’re working with recycled materials, we’d need to know their original manufacturing process to say for sure.

We recycle high quality papers to produce Feel Good, including cardboard, newspapers, magazines, and catalogues. Household recycling is sorted and different grades of paper are used to make all sorts of recycled paper products, including toilet roll.

By using recycled toilet roll, you’re helping to protect the environment. Recycled tissue uses less water, saving resources and lowering our ecological footprint. What’s not to love about that?

Our packaging means we can make sure your toilet roll arrives undamaged. Plus, as it’s for your bottom, we want you to be the first person to touch it – that’s hygienic after all!

Nope! We use a chlorine bleach free process to remove the ink from our papers. Plus, we only use the very best recycled materials, for a brighter, whiter roll!

Feel Good is currently available at select Waitrose stores and online at Ocado! Get in touch with us to check if it’s available at your local store.

Feel Good is made by taking papers that are no longer in use – including recycled newspapers, magazines, and office paper – and turning them into soft, bright white toilet roll.

Using recycled fibres results in a far lower ecological footprint than using wood pulp (fresh fibre), using less water, conserving valuable resources, and reducing environmental pollution.

So, when you buy Feel Good, you can feel good, knowing that you’re doing your bit for the planet.

To produce high quality toilet roll, we recycle high quality grades of paper, so we use a lot of different types of ‘waste’ paper; from old office documents to newspapers, magazines, and even shopping catalogues.

All our toilet roll is made at our paper mill in Bridgend, South Wales, with raw materials sourced from the UK and Europe, reducing our carbon footprint.

We have our own unique technique that means our recycled toilet paper is the whitest and brightest in the UK, and as soft as can be.

Our paper wrap is made from renewable resources and can be disposed of alongside the rest of your household recycling.

With the facilities in the UK, we feel it’s more practical for people to recycle a paper wrap. We have to use some packaging to ensure our rolls get to you safe and undamaged – also, as it’s for your bottom, we want to make sure it’s hygienic when you use it. And we might be biased, but it does look quite groovy on the shelf…