Small Changes to Make in life To Be Greener

May 2022
Grow your own herbs
  • It’s so easy to grow your own herbs and can save money in the long run! Especially with spring on the way, setting up a little garden area or shelf space near a window for sunlight would help you go green. If you love cooking, you will know how necessary herbs are and drinking too.  After all, what’s a mojito without mint?
Try Plogging
  • Wait, what even is plogging? It’s basically the new running craze that is saving the planet. The combination of jogging with picking up litter started in Sweden, and it makes you feel 100% physically and mentally. You get to feel good about doing something green and getting your daily exercise in.
Shop local
  • Local businesses are fundamental to economic growth and reducing our impact on the environment. It is often more expensive and sometimes less convenient but can be a small change in your life just to pop into a local shop for products. The good news is this will have a big impact if it becomes a habit for you and a step toward being greener.
Sell/Donate your clothes
  • Keeping up with clothes trends or kids growing older (and taller) will mean lots of clothes that will be thrown out. But instead why not donate to your local charity shop or to sell them to get some extra cash! Also with the thrifting trend being so popular, there is a profitable niche market.
Eat less meat
  • Don’t worry if you missed Veganuary or might have failed your vegetarian diet for 2022 resolution. We are starting again with a mini target here to eat less meat, such as doing 2 or 3 vege days in the week. Meat is responsible for many greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural industry o my simply reducing your intake of meat can already have a big impact on being greener.
Use Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper
  • A lot of trees are cut down to make toilet paper rolls. In the UK alone, an estimated 7 million trees are cut down every year just to make toilet roll that is flushed away. We must stop flushing our trees. The best solution? Recycled paper! This is what Feel Good promotes with their toilet paper products and how key sustainability is, helping you all to be greener.

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