Did you know up to 70% of everyday household waste can be recycled or reused in some way?

May 2021

We know recycling can be confusing – knowing what you can and can’t recycle, what items can go in the household bin and what ones require a special trip to the recycling centre.

Items such as toothbrushes, pens and even bras can easily be chucked in the regular bin when we’re done with them, but they can all be recycled! Whether or not your local centre recycles these items, there are plenty of other programmes that will accept and recycle for you.

Just make sure to check with your local recycling centre here: https://www.recyclenow.com/local-recycling

An ode to the strange things found in bathrooms

April 2021

An ode to the strange things found in bathrooms

Your bathroom is a sacred place. One of the few places you can have real privacy from the world.
But sometimes the love you have for your loo can lead you to selecting some truly odd décor.

We’ve scoured the internet for these weird and wonderful bathroom adornments – from whimsical accessories to kooky cleaning products.

Here’s our top five:

Toilet roll cosies
We’re starting with a classic. Toilet roll cosies.

These quirky accessories probably bring back memories of those crocheted dolls your lovely gran had in her bathroom.  Popular from the 1960s, colours were often coordinated in the bathroom and these were no exception! We reckon or lovable mascot would look adorable as a toilet roll cosy…

Plush toilet seat covers
Confession time. We’ve never seen one of these plush toilet seats in the wild, so there’s a chance no one actually owns one.

However, the fact it’s out there in the world, available to purchase, has us feeling uneasy at Feel Good HQ. We’re all about being kind to your bottom, but we’ll take a little cold over a furry seat cover any day.

Hand soaps. Literally.
Cute addition to your bathroom, or creepy Halloween decoration? These teeny, tiny, hand-shaped soaps have us confused!

Novelty shower curtains.
Whatever interest, hobby, or random thought you have, you can probably find it represented in the form of a shower curtain.

Big fan of Madonna? There’s a Madonna shower curtain. Love the artwork of Van Gogh? There’s a starry night shower option. Want to see a sloth riding a unicorn, wearing a tiny cowboy hat? You better believe there’s a shower curtain depicting EXACTLY that.

Disco lights – for your bath
We’re not even sure we can class this as strange – because who wouldn’t love these novelty disco lights when spending time in the tub? Stick on some Nile Rodgers and bath time is well and truly transformed into a disco lover’s dream.

What weird and wonderful items have you come across when looking at bathroom décor? Let us know on Facebook (@FeelGoodEco) or Instagram (@feelgood_eco)?


April 2021

Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips these days.

More and more of us are looking for ways to help our planet, whether that’s by recycling, buying second-hand clothes, or travelling less (easy to do these past 12 months!).

But buying eco-friendly toilet roll is an even simpler way to do your bit for the environment, while keeping your bottom happy.

Here are five great reasons why you should switch to recycled toilet paper today.

It means we use fewer trees.

Regular toilet paper is made using virgin pulp – raw materials from trees.

It’s estimated that around 27,000 trees are cut down every day for tissue alone. In fact, in the UK alone, we use over 12.5 million tonnes of paper each year; that’s the equivalent of a forest as big as Wales. Ouch!  

But cutting down so many trees means that large areas of forests are being left bare, removing natural habitats and affecting plants and wildlife.

Recycled products – like Feel Good – rely on materials that have been left over from the production process (such as unused timber) or recycled after use (like magazines).

Feel Good is made from 100 per cent sustainably sourced, recycled papers including magazines and catalogues, so you know that when you buy, you’re saving trees.

It uses less water.

Water is really important when making your favourite toilet paper. But did you know that by choosing recycled, you’re helping to save water as well as trees?

It’s true. With ‘normal’ toilet roll, the wood is cooked and transformed into a wood pulp, before being washed, bleached, and then washed again. That’s a lot of water!

Recycled loo roll uses about half as much. For Feel Good, any plastic or metal is removed from our recycled paper before it’s thoroughly washed, and any excess water is drained.

Did we mention our water is recycled, too? 

Low-flow? No problem!

It’s no secret that more of us will be enjoying ‘staycations’ this year.

And who wants to stay in a caravan with a blocked loo?

Unlike traditional toilet roll that uses heavy fibres, recycled paper uses weaker fibres from paper that’s been used before – making it much safer to flush down low-flow toilets.

So, there’s less chance of needing to reach for a plunger!

No bleach here.

Let’s face it – toilet paper is made for cleaning bums. So why is so much of it bleached before it makes its way to us?

As humans, we’re drawn to products that are bright and shiny, especially when we’re talking about the bathroom.

But the chemicals involved in bleaching can be harmful to our environment. It also means the paper needs to be washed more thoroughly, using much more water.

At Feel Good, we don’t have to rely on harsh chemicals to get our loo roll white and sparkling. Instead, we use a process called ‘deinking’. This involves cleaning the paper to remove ink from the fibres before the paper is pressed and turned into your favourite roll.

Less to landfill.

Did you know that paper is one of the most recycled materials in the UK?

In fact, the average family chucks out around six trees worth each year – we’re as shocked as you!

By choosing recycled toilet paper, you’re not just helping trees; you’re saving wastepaper from ‘wasting away’ in landfill.

Check back here mid-May for details on where you can buy Feel Good.

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